Credit: Alba Luz Donaire.

I’m Owain, I’m a Photographer. That much you already know. I struggle to write Bio pages but here goes …

I was born in Somerset, UK but now live in Valencia, Spain. I took up Photography in my teens and have since worked in a few different areas, most notably in Theatre and Dance. I now work mostly on personal projects and photograph the subjects that interest and matter most to me, and that I believe to be important to show others through Photography.

My work has been published at a national level in both the UK and Spain by publications including The Guardian, The Scotsman, New Scientist, and El País as well as previously reputable dailies El Mundo and La Razón (although I’d almost rather this weren’t the case). Exhibitions of my work for Teatros del Canal in Madrid were held at the theatre in both 2013 and 2014 while my personal work has been exhibited in group shows in the UK and Spain.

I hope you enjoy looking at the different projects on this website, and I hope to be able to share more with you soon.

I am, predictably though somewhat grudgingly, present (to varying degrees) on the following social media platforms: