La Oliva

The yearly olive harvest is not just an endeavour for large commercial producers with groves spanning vast expanses of land, it also remains a tradition in many families who band together and labour collectively to bring in the fruits of what trees they may have on small patches of land close to ancestral homes. A little of the mechanisation of commercial harvesting may have trickled down but harvest season probably means early starts on cold mornings to put in a hard day’s work on a well-earned weekend, and that part of the tradition hasn’t changed all that much. Machines may make the work faster, but the constant vibrations are bone-shattering, jarring and quickly tiring, leaving the operator wondering if the old way of doing things was so bad after all … at least when the operator was yours truly. Few things give quite the same satisfaction as a hard day’s work, but I was also really pleased with the photographs I made every now and then while shirking my olive harvesting duties.