Field Notes

Sharing the Light

Having learned that the old town of Segorbe was lit up with Christmas lights for the first time in many years, I knew I had to go and photograph a more positive side to the story.

Is Sharing Caring?

Some thoughts about the role sharing our work plays in our enjoyment of the process.

Downtime and Reflection

Being bed-bound for a few days gave me some time to reflect on recent rolls of film and other considerations in my photography.


Some thoughts on forcing ourselves to adhere to plans we once made.

Learning to Walk Again

Some photographs and some thoughts from the past couple of weeks in which I’ve been able to go out for walks again.

What I learned from making Zines

I just released two Photography Zines for sale, with all proceeds before 30th June donated to the charity Caritas here in Spain. Here is what I learned from the process.

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