Returning to La Huerta Valenciana

Last year I spent several months visiting La Huerta Valenciana whenever possible to photograph the landscape, and some of those who work it in order to produce fruit and vegetables we all eat. I made a large body of work, a selection of which can be seen here on my website.

I’ve since documented parts of L’Horta Sud (the area of farmland to the South of Valencia) and am in the process of documenting an area of land between Valencia and the satelite city of Paterna. On the final day before lockdown came into effect here in Spain, I enjoyed one last walk with my camera out through this stretch of land, making some final photographs as I went. These photographs are still to be developed since making a trip to the people at Carmencita Lab is, quite rightly, not an essential trip. I’ll definitely have fresh eyes with which to edit when I finally get to see them!

It may well be a while before I can revisit any part of La Huerta Valenciana in person, but during this lockdown period I have begun working on video editing and so, am pleased to be able to share a video featuring footage made while out making my first project on the area last year. Everything you can watch in this video was recorded in early 2019, and had stayed on my hard drive since then as I was unsure what exactly to do with it. I decided not to add any ‘talking head’ scenes, and leave it as a video accompaniment to my photographic documentary project on La Huerta itself. It was that which I wanted to show in my work, whether it be photographic or video.

You can watch the video here, or on YouTube. Thumbs up, comments or sharing of the video would all be welcome. I am working on other videos during this lockdown period so if you want to see those when they are ready, you can also subscribe to my channel.

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