Lockdown Documentary

We’re now on day ten of lockdown here in Spain … the last day I can count on my fingers so expect me to lose track fairly soon. The State of Emergency looks set to be extended for a further two weeks to April 12th, with the hope being that this week the country will start to turn the corner and begin to see a reduction in the number of new cases in the coming days. We can only hope that is the case.

I’ve continued to attempt to document these unprecedented times. Much of the story cannot be told from inside my flat, but I can at least make a document of what we have experienced here as, ultimately, some of the lucky ones spending this time staying safe and well at home. Many are on the frontline fighting to save those more badly affected, and of course, an increasing number are indeed being affected, many tragically so.

The following video is my attempt to document our first week on lockdown here in Valencia through observations of how we spend our days, and some of the ways people in our neighbourhood are coming together to make the best of the situation we all find ourselves in.

Like the rounds of applause that can be seen in the video, I would like to dedicate my insignificant contribution to those on the frontline fighting to keep people alive, and the rest of us safe and well.

All the best to everyone reading this, wherever you may be … and wherever it is, please stay there!

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