Scene From Home – Week One

We’re (rapidly) approaching the conclusion of our third week on lockdown here in Spain. The situation is still difficult in many ways, but a number of positive initiatives have emerged including the nightly Aplausos Sanitarios here in Spain and in other countries.

Another such positive initiative has been the Scene From Home hashtag on Instagram, inspiring photographs to be creative within the confines of their homes, where we are indeed all confined. Having spent the first week or so documenting our lives under lockdown via the medium of video, I’ve since decided to take a step back from the video camera (it’s actually the same camera) and return to still Photography.

As well as inspiring photographers to get creative, Scene From Home aims to connect people with the idea being that before posting photographs to the hashtag, each photographer has to comment on three other photographs. I’m actually yet to post any of my own work but have been following the hashtag over the past week (when not trying to avoid computer screens) and commenting on a few photographs. These interactions have led to lengthy conversations via direct message and people returning the favour despite my not having yet published anything Scene From Home.

I’ve been working on making photographs under the brief this week, and have now processed the first batch on the computer ready to upload. Like many people, I’m on an enforced hiatus from the work I would normally be creating, outdoors and most recently with my film camera. I’m now taking a short break from posting said work to Instagram to upload photographs from this particular brief, and this particular moment in history. Here are a few of the photographs I’ve made this week around the house.

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