Scene From Home – Week Two

This week saw the conclusion of week four on lockdown here in Spain, and we’re expecting at least another two weeks before restrictions might start to be relaxed. Our confinement does appear to be bringing results with the number of new cases and deaths having slowed over the past week or two and beginning to hold steady. We have to continue to stay at home to keep these trends in the right direction.

Like many, I suspect, I have become somewhat accustomed to our temporary lifestyle. It isn’t ideal and there are things I miss doing such as going for walks or bike rides with my camera but our lot could be far worse, and there are others who are genuinely suffering right now – as well as many who were genuinely suffering before this crisis started.

This week I’ve continued to look for things to photograph around the flat, or visible from our balcony. I’ve noticed things I perhaps might not have otherwise, or might not have photographed had I noticed them. I’ll try to keep doing so over the next two weeks, and perhaps more that await.

After four weeks on lockdown, it was also time for me to have a haircut this week – something I had actually been considering before lockdown. I had been delaying the inevitable but it was increasingly clear that we were going to have to attempt a first haircut at home. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out, as was my new hairdresser. I’m not a big fan of selfies, or self-portraits for that matter, so photographs of the aftermath will be limited to these.

Apart from that, as is perhaps to be expected when one has been on lockdown for a month, I have little in the way of news or updates. Stay safe and well, everyone.

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